Hi my name is Dan Tartick, owner & operated of Peter the Stump Eater. We started in out 1987 as Ace Tree Service, but have recently began to solely focus on Stump Grinding, Bobcat Services, and Firewood Sales.

I stand behind my work and haven't had a single complaint in over 29 years. Why? - because I don't leave the job site until my customers are satisfied. Most my jobs are local and I rely on my customers for referrals, so I do my best to make them happy. Here are just a few of the hundreds of referrals I have accumulated throughout the years:

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Peter the Stump Eater
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by Mike N. - Amherst, NY on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Companies & Stump Removal Companies in Amherst, NY - Mike N.

Peter the Stump Eater grinding 20+ pine tree stumps left over from some trees I cut down last year. We called a few different local stump grinding companies here in Amherst, but none of them would completely remove the stump - stump chips and all. I'm 67 and I can fill a hole with dirt and throw in some grass seed but I'm sure as H%^!! not shoveling out the stump chips from 20 huge pine trees. For a while it seemed like I was going to have to get a stump removal company to grind the stumps and then a landscaping company to remove the stump chips. Luckily I kept calling more stump grinding companies and found Dan's company - Peter the Stump Eater. He's great. He did everything and it was a lot cheaper then if I had to do through 2 companies. I highly recommend Dan's stump grinding & removal company to anyone living around Amherst.

by Katie H. in Amherst, NY on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding & Stump Removal Company in Amherst, NY - Katie H.

Hi, my name is Katie and I live in Amherst, NY. My husband Kenny and I would like to recommend Dan and his stump grinding company Peter the Stump Eater in Pendleton. We had some trees come down in a storm last year and my husband and son were able to saw up the trees but we didn't know what to do with the stumps. My husband tried poison but that didn't seem to do much. Apparently you are supposed to apply the poison within 7 days of cutting the tree down, which we did not so that may be why. We looked in to renting a stump grinder but we don't have a trailer to get it here and back. We like doing things ourselves but sometimes that just isn't possible. So I have been complaining publicly about these stumps for a while now and then recently my husband parents, who live in Tonawanda, happen to run into Dan while they were out and about one day. They gave us his business card and a few hundred dollars for our anniversary to get the stumps removed. I'm so relieved. It wasn't near as expensive as we thought it was going to be. I just remember having a tree service cuts some trees down a few years back and we paid thousands. After that experience my husband's next gift was a chainsaw, climbing gear, and a heavy duty rope! Hah. In this case stump grinders are like $20,000 so we definitely needed to hire a professional stump grinding company. Anyways I'm rambling. Call Dan if you need stumps removed. Dan said they'll come a little farther south than Amherst depending on the job. Oh and they sell firewood and bbq cooking wood too!

by Derek S. - North Tonawanda, NY on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Company in North Tonawanda, NY

We finally found a stump grinding company in North Tonawanda that takes the time to grind the stump down into the ground. We have tried other stump grinding companies in the past and it seems that after we dig through all the stump chips there is almost always still a stump under there. This makes it impossible to plant grass, which is what we want to do. We have a bunch of huge pine trees in our front year that we have been slowly removing since we bought our house a few years ago. They are far enough away from the house that I can chop them down myself, but I don't know the first thing about renting a stump grinder. I know I would have to rent a big one and with my luck I would break it or something. Anyways, much thanks to Dan and his crew at Peter the Stump Eater. Check them out if you need any stumps removed. They also sell firewood.

by Steven C. on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Removal Company in North Tonawanda, NY

We live in North Tonawanda, near Tonawanda Creek, and a trees near the creek bed seem to blow over and get pulled out every few years. I guess the soil covering the root system erodes and when a big enough storm comes along the wind pulls the trees up. For the years I have just been cutting the trees up and leaving the stumps. I have tried calling a few stump removal companies, but they all have stump grinders that you tow behind a truck. The only way a truck is getting to these stumps is by clearing a 100 ft road or something. So a friend told me that I need to find a stump removal company that has a self-propelled stump grinder. I did some research online and found Peter the Stump Eater out of Pendleton, he is really closer to Tonawanda than Pendleton, but I guess his address is technically in Pendleton. Anyways, they have a Carlton SP4012 stump grinder that is self propelled. It has 2 axles that actually contract in making the machine just 36" wide. Dan was able to maneuver between the trees and get to all the stumps no problem! We have a few benches and a area where we cookout down by the creek and we've been staring at the overturned stumps for years. My wife and I are so happy to finally see them gone. Thanks again Dan!

by David F. on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Removal Companies in Pendleton, NY

If you need stumps removed and live around Pendleton, we highly recommend Dan from Peter the Stump Eater. We found him through Google and sent him some pictures of the stumps with a ruler on them. He gave us a rough estimate over the phone and came out that same day. His stump grinder is awesome! It tore through our stumps like butter. The best part about Dan is that he grinds the stumps deep down into the ground to really get at the root ball. We wanted our stumps completely removed so we could plant grass over them. We had another local stump removal service grind some stumps a few years back and they didn't grind them down deep enough so when we went to remove the stump chips and plant grass we still had a tree trunk in our way. The stump grinding company wouldn't come back out unless we paid their minimum fee - hah. They should have done a better job the first time. We ending up leaving the stump chips and turning it into a flower bed instead. We chose Dan's company because they are local to Pendleton, kind of between Pendleton and North Tonawanda. The other guy was coming from Amherst, probably why he didn't want to come back out here. At least with Dan, we know he is right up the street. Dan also has a lot a a perfect 5.0 ranking on Google Maps! Thanks again Dan! -  David French in Pendleton, NY

by John W. on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Services in N. Tonawanda, NY

We had some trees cut down last year but the Tree Service didn't grind the stumps. We assumed it was included in the cost of the Tree Removal, but apparently not. I don't think they had a Stump Grinder, otherwise I'm sure they would have tried to up-sell us on that service. Our original goal was to remove the trees and plant grass so obviously the stumps have got to go! We found Peter the Stump Eater's website on Google and Dan, the owner, has been in the Tree Service business since 1987! He has an awesome Stump Grinder that is self-propelled unlike most of the other companies around here that have one that tows behind a 4x4 truck. These stumps are in the middle of our yard and we really didn't want a huge truck destroying our grass. Dan came out with his machine, ground the Stumps into the ground, and there was zero damage to our grass. I believe they are based out of Pendelton, but they service all around the Amherst, Tonawanda, and Buffalo areas. If you're looking for a reliable Stump Grinding service, then you can't go wrong with the Peter the Stump Eater. Thanks Dan!

by Timothy P. on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Services in Tonawanda, NY

Dan has done a couple of jobs for me and most recently took care of 14 large stumps on my property. It's nice to work with someone who responds promptly and does what they say they will do for a fair price. I don't need to call anyone else. Great job!

by Tom O. on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Services - North Tonawanda, NY

Highly recommended!!

I found Dan's website on Craiglist, filled out my name and email and asked for a quote on a tree-downing & stump grinding - and got an email back within a few hours with a quote! That's how simple and quick it was to reach out.

But even better was the price! I was expecting 2 to 2.5 times the cost, but Dan's rates were so reasonable I had to jump on it. I wasn't even really convinced I "needed" to down the tree in my front yard (I just don't like it - haha!). But at this price, I couldn't pass it up.

Now the BEST part was the actual service. Dan and his son (father-son activities - I love it!) are outside right now cleaning up... And here it is only 10:47 on a Saturday morning... They did the whole job in about 90 minutes, from start to finish, and it was an AMAZING job. Tree felled, stump ground (not just the stump but about 4 feet all around it), sticks and chips and things raked up all along the way... What great service!!! And I had to tip his son for working with his father - haha.

Really, I couldn't recommend these guys with higher marks. This is what service is supposed to be about. Great responsiveness, reasonable rate, going above-and-beyond and exhibiting CARE in the approach, and taking care of all the little things along the way (like telling me it's important to put a bed of lime down before I plant the grass seed since my soil is acidic from this evergreen tree).

Go with Dan the man! I would again. Just wish I had more trees on my property - haha.

Tom O.

by Jake P. - North Tonawanda, NY on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Removal Service in North Tonawanda, NY

We have lived in North Tonawanda for over 30 years and have used Dan's stump removal service a few times. We refer him to all our friends and everyone seems to be really happy. The main problem with a lot of tree services is they don't show up when they say they will and then they're are impossible to get a hold of. Dan almost always answers his phone and if not he'll call you back that day - he is very professional. It is also a family business. The last time he came out be brought his son to help him. I guess he is grooming him to take over the family business. All in all, we highly recommend Dan's stump grinding company, Peter the Stump Eater. This is Jake and we live in North Tonawanda.

by Patricia S. in Tonawanda, NY on Peter the Stump Eater
Stump Grinding Company in Tonawanda, NY

Hi, my name is Patricia and my husband and I own a house in Tonawanda. We had some trees removed last year but didn't have the stumps removed because my husband was trying to save money. He thought he was going to burn them all - yeah that never happened. He had a fire going every clear night for a month and barely got through one stump, hah, so it worked out just like I thought it would. So for "his birthday" I called a local stump grinding company, Peter the Stump Eater. I really wanted it done while he was at work so I could surprise him and Dan said he "can make it happen." He got there early in the morning  just after Bill left, and worked through lunch to get it down before my husband got home. My husband was definitely surprised, but of course immediately asked how much it cost.  I told him how I found the quote from last year and Dan's price was cheaper so that made him happy. So no more stumps, no more fires, and no more trying to wash the smoke smell out of his clothes. Thanks Dan!

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